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Our Oceans 23 – 24 October, 2019 at Ocean Data Foundation Stand.


Turnss with partners Stargate Media, Darewin.org and Barba


Our Oceans was held at a pivotal moment in history when the level of threath to our our ocean and the need for action is being spotlighted like never before.

ODF’s mission is to enable unbiased research and facilitate a data driven debate, leading to better decision-making about how to best conserve and use the ocean’s resources.

Turnss delivered tools for for demonstrating data liberation, simulations and digital experiences in the form of Virtual Stories. We were lucky to demonstrate the experience to the royal highness crown prince Haakon of Norway and the UN High Level Panel for their Sustainable Economy meeting, Nina Jensen from REV Ocean, Elisabeth Grieg from Grieg Group, Vladimir Ryabin, Unesco IOC, amongst others!

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connecting nature with business realities

Connecting nature with business realities