The story of turnss

Turnss was founded as a result of a strong belief in the new era of purpose driven business. We believe that it is possible to combine a company’s efforts to have a positive impact on its employees, consumers, the environment and wider community with creating an even more sustainable bottom line.  Turnss aspiration is challenging the mindset of the ocean industry & prove that  sustainability is good for business. We work especially with the dimension culture to action giving credibility to our partner companies far ahead of internal boundaries.

Sandra Ness
Founder & CEO

Sandra  has a bachelor in Finance from the Norwegian School of Management and a Masters in Digital Media Management from Hyper Island, England. Sandra is recognised as “Woman to watch in shipping” 2019 by Youngship International and has actively been working as a pioneer for sustainable impact within different organizations in the shipping industry. Sandra specializes in using purpose as a tool for making the world a smarter, easier and better place through assisting organizations in how to focus on sustainable busniess models, management and values. Through her personal comittment to reduce plastic waste in the ocean she is also the co-founder of, telling the story of how plastic is impacting the arctic with a goal to inspire to action for our oceans.

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connecting nature with business realities

Connecting nature with business realities