Meet the team

May 4, 2021

Meet the Turnss team!

Tim is a visual creative, videographer and traveler. He makes the world his canvas, capturing the hidden gems with his beloved camera and loyal drone. He has found a safe harbor in Turnss where he brings his visual storytelling to life. We are so proud to have Tim on the team, and his visual magic inspires us every day.

Maren is a copywriter and social media manager with international experience from Sydney, London, Oslo and Copenhagen. She is currently working as a story creator for Turnss. With a background in advertising, she’s worked with major international brands and always been experimenting with new technology and content creation. Throughout the last years she's been a digital nomad travelling the world, sharing her passion for exploring and her awe of the beautiful planet we call our home.

Sandra is the founder of Turnss. She is recognized as “Woman to watch in shipping” 2019 by Youngship International and has actively been working as a pioneer for sustainable impact within different organizations in the shipping industry. Sandra specializes in using purpose as a tool for making the world a smarter, easier and better place through assisting organizations in how to focus on sustainable busniess models, management and values.

Our partner, Awake, is a communication agency that single-heartedly works with sustainable projects.  Awake and Turnss have a close collaboration on sustainable value creation from sea to land. The agency is driven by contributing to positive change in society and works with customers who dare to be forward-thinking and proactive in their field.

Their goal is to create ideas that can grow into global solutions and make a difference. Camilla Elise Berg (under) is Managing Director - some of her superpowers are strategy, illustrator and coaching and Marte Alstad Hansen (above) is Creative Leader. Some of her superpowers are ideas, Art Direction and Graphic Design.

Photo cred picture #3: @alexphoto / @barbaboat

connecting nature with business realities

Connecting nature with business realities