Exciting news: New client onboard!

February 16, 2021

Together withAwake Oslo, Turnss has recently got Trysil as a new client. Weare so proud to be involved in this partnership, and can’t wait to start divinginto all the exciting projects!

Do you work within the tourism industry and want to learn more about how your company can incorporate sustainability? We in Turnss have great insight into the field and would love to talk opportunities! With the tourism industry being the worst affected of all major economic sectors by COVID-19, this sector is also the one that needs to adjust the most. This crisis is an opportunity to rethink tourism development. The recovery must involve transforming the sector, re-inventing tourism destinations and businesses, re-building the tourism ecosystem, and innovating and investing in sustainable tourism. The pandemic has revealed an opportunity for more diversified, ‘slower’, smaller, and more authentic experiences. We need to engage in a collective reflection on the future of tourism and on the sensitive links between tourism and the environment.

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Source: euronews.com

connecting nature with business realities

Connecting nature with business realities