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April 23, 2021

In Turnss, we combine a passion for the ocean with experience from the business world, and the result is a great insight into how value creation and sustainable strategies can be combined in the best possible way. We specialize in facilitating positive change by creating sustainable and authentic values, projects and business models. 

Our services include creative workshops and strategy development when it comes to sustainable development for companies within the ocean industry. We also offer content creation and advice on how to best communicate your company’s sustainability efforts. Our services are customized to the individual company in order to create innovative strategies, ideas and storytelling that engage both customers, clients and employees. 

We also offer inspirational talks by Sandra Ness, who is the founder of Turnss. Sandra has international experience from both marketing and shipping, and she combines this background with a passion for the ocean and commitment to the environment. The result is engaging talks where the audience is taken on an inspirational journey. Through great storytelling and interesting research, your company will learn how to take better take care of our oceans. 

Both now and in the future, being a sustainable business will also create value for the company. We give you the tools and strategies to be equipped for change.

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connecting nature with business realities

Connecting nature with business realities