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We link nature to business realities and deliver the necessary tools to help companies develop sustainable business models


Arctic Whale

Turnss acted as an enabler & facilitator on the research platform Barba, using groundbreaking science, spectacular visuals and whales as ambassadors, to tell the story of how plastic pollution impacts the arctic.  

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Virtual & Artificial reality

Turnss can bring people below the surface with customised messages together with our partners and ocean content producers.  We have a large database to choose from and promise spectacular experience.

Turnss TALKS

Seadevcon - 2019

Sandra Ness attended as one of the speakers at Seadevcon with an aim of opening up new perspectives green shipping & joined the round table discussions on the topic of sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet.


Ocean Opportunity Lab

Turnss acts as a facilitator for storytelling at Tool - Ocean Opportunity Lab. The world’s first floating lab for ocean entrepreneurs and change agents across ocean industries, sustainable solutions & tech.


Turnss can bring people below the surface with a customised message together with our partners Stargate Media and ocean content producers like & We have a large database to chose from and promise a spectacular ocean experiences.



Sustainability story - Folk Oslo

Sandra Ness talked about her journey to pioneer sustainable impact in the maritime industry and how it led to founding Turnss as an inspirational innovation hub for enhacing values and making an impact for a sustainable future.

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Connecting nature with business realities

connecting nature with business realities