Brief: In 2014 British Gas Digital team  has been challenged to grow the volumes of customers managing their accounts online by over 1 million gross registrations. Respond with relevant ideas for ways in which we can maximise our resources and data to comprehensively engage with a wider pool of the customer base.







How might we drive the customers into a digital experience with British Gas that will create value to manage their consumption ?






A large amount of the UK customers do not trust and feel a lot of anger towards their energy providers and consider themselves being ripped off since they rarely understand what they are actually paying for. British Gas is not an exception and a clear pattern towards apathy and low incentives to manage accounts online was therefore established. British Gas needs to create a friendlier relation to their customers and provide them with a simple and transparent solution that will make billing less worrying as well as increasing the engagement with the product, the brand and the their consumption. A more engaged and aware customer base that knows and can control what they are paying for would re-give the brand trust and contribute to a more sustainable future.







Since the interest and incentives for the customers to log into their accounts online we wanted to provide a solution that would provide the control and managing of the consumption to where it’s actually happening -the appliances. The British Gas Smarties would allow the customer to set budgets and track their consumption for each and every device in their home to create a more clear vision of their energy usage and behaviour. The Smartie would inform the customer when they have reached their budget and how much the usage of the specific appliance will cost them. All this information is later collected in a Smarties app where an overview of the household is provided.

The Smarties would allow British Gas customers to engage and manage specific parts of their consumption without the barrier of logging in to their accounts. Apart from making the billing more predictable this will help the customers to save money and consume in a more sustainable way. Further on it would be a good tool to educate the future generation about energy consumption and how be more aware of the usage.







Apply the British Gas Smarties to devices in your home responsible for the biggest energy consumption and get a better overview and relation to your budgets and consumption .



My contribution



Research, concept development, ideation, strategy, user journey, voiceover and presentation