EVER – The travel app you use without using it.

As a part of the Hyper Island program we received the challenge to develop an idea from scratch and shape it into a start-up. The challenge was mainly focused on brand strategy, communication and telling the story about “why” the idea should exist.






To allow people to fully engage in their travel experiences by collecting and organising their memories for them. These memories will be visualised in an engaging way that will inspire themselves and others to re-live these experiences and re-tell these stories forever.






The Britons are travelling more than ever with a 9,2% increase between 2012 and 2013. Together with a 75% increase of photos taken since 2012 it’s no more than fair that it’s hard to keep track on all your pictures and memories when they additionally are spread over numerous devices and platforms. As pictures publicly shared are stagnating and Britons are becoming more private again, family and friends are the number one inspiration for new travelling destination and adventures.

We saw a need for a service, that with the least amount of interaction possible, would collect all your travelling memories into a neat and engaging story that could be re-experienced by yourself and your closest.






EVER – The app that track what you did, where it happened and how you felt, sourced from all your social accounts and devices. The content is collected into an interactive story including pictures, notes and locations about your journey, and it is all sorted through GPS signals to avoid expensive roaming charges abroad. EVER therefore the simplest way to share your travel experiences and memories with whoever you choose.





Memorable – We create the travelling stories for you with the least amount of effort. Stories and memories that can live forever.

Simplicity – Keeping your memories and re-living the experiences shouldn’t be hard. With simplified data collection, sharing options and design we create those opportunities.

Human – We are a service for people. People who love to travel, explore and experience. But humans forget, which is why we exist.



Ever expands your visions and ways of travelling to explore new amazing destinations. We enable people to inspire people.







Concept development, brand strategy, ideation, design thinking and presentation preperation